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A Thought on Conversion

Ps Doug Batchelor in his book Who Do You Think You Are? (p. 88) shares the following insight regarding good works and (true) conversion.

We can’t make the miracle of conversion happen by doing good works, but it won’t come if we feed on what the world has for us to consume. We can provide an inviting environment for the Spirit by what we choose to read, watch, and talk about. Conversion happens with the renewing of our minds, which the Holy Spirit makes possible so we can “prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God” (Romans 12:2 KJV)


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Winter Approaches

Because of it being this time of the school year, the pressure to complete my thesis has been mounting. This means that I don’t have time to do the research I need to write good quality devotionals.

Devotional Times will therefore go on hiatus until March 2014 by which time my thesis aught to be done.

Thank you for understanding and for encouraging me by your follows and liking the posts that made an impression on you. Even though you did not answer the questions, I posed (which I would’ve liked since I like discussions), your reading and following Devotional Times inspired me too.