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About Devotional Times

I returned from a Bible youth conference on last Sunday, 13 July 2013. The conference was very inspiring (as all conferences of its kind are). We were encouraged to evangelise the world using our talents to encourage people and to show them who the Lord really is. So, now I am stepping out in faith. This blog is just a small way in which I am contributing to the proclamation of God’s love for mankind. In a way I am using this blog to thank the Lord for what He is doing in my life.  I know that I can never repay Him for everything He has done for me in the past. And the truth of the matter is, He doesn’t want me to repay Him. All He wants from me is to believe Him. And that is what He wants from you too.

At first, posting will be irregular as I learn the art of writing devotionals. In fact, you can expect the first couple of devotionals to be bad. Nevertheless, I hope that they will still inspire you and bring God glory. I’m new to devotional writing, so I ask you to be patient and to feel free to advise me. I am always willing to learn.

So, my dear reader, I hope that the devotionals and the other content on here will encourage you as you face life’s challenges, will challenge you to surrender your life to Jesus, will change your perspective, will show you who the Lord really is, and will inspire you to share the love of Jesus through Bible work and loving service with everyone in your sphere of influence.

Please note: The author and the owner of this blog in no way endorse the advertisements that accompany some posts.

God bless!



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