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Drugs on Trial


“Then he said, “Don’t be afraid, Daniel. Since the first day you began to pray…” ” Daniel 10:12-14 NLT

Drugs have to go through a series of pre-clinical and clinical trials before they are made available commercially. During pre-clinical trials scientists test for toxicity, and the drugs interaction with other drugs and medicines in non-human subjects and bacteria. Biological tests are also conducted. If the potential drug meets certain specifications, it enters clinical trials. [1]

Clinical trials are divided into four phases. In phase I the drug’s effect on healthy individuals is tested. A placebo is usually used. During phase II the drug is tested on people with the condition it is intended to treat. The number of test subjects (or sample size) is small. Scientists hope to establish a dose level and dosage regimen for the drug and to see how effective the drug is. Phase III involves a larger sample size. The drug is compared to a placebo and similar drugs, if any exist. Once the drug fares well in these trials, the relevant boards approve it and the drug is released onto the market. This initiates Phase IV clinical trials “where the drug is monitored using very large numbers of patients in hospital and general practice.” [1]

Those who need these drugs, such as HIV-positive people and cancer patients, have to wait a long time, as little as ten years, before they can obtain the medicine. Those in developing countries have to wait longer still. But, they have the assurance that they will receive the new drug that will help treat their disease.

So it is with answers to prayer. Sometimes we pray and fast and beg God to hear our prayers making sure that we have our lives in order so that we can receive His blessing, but the answer just doesn’t seem to come. The Lord assures us that He hears our prayers. Like the drugs that are in the pipeline so are His answers to our prayers. They are there. They will come out of the pipeline once the time is right. May we never give up hope or stop praying as we wait for our Lord to answer our prayers.

Almighty God, You said that although the vision tarries it will come. I await the fulfillment of Your word in answer to my prayers. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Is there anything you would like me to pray for on your behalf?


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